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New York City! One of the very few places on Earth to experience the diversity of culture, language, beliefs and most important of all Food. 

I moved to the Greater New York Area 9 years ago and instantly fell love with the different flavors, smell and experiences it has to offer. The city has it's own unique pockets of ethnic cuisines, from China Town to Little Italy to the Indian Street and everything else in between is always bustling with crowds craving some taste of home to foodies wanting to experience unique eats. A city that truly never sleeps!

What you need to know about me:

I am an Indian, the one with the Taj Mahal, that relishes Thai spicy(will make you sweat and cry) to boiled vegetables (good for health) and everything in the spectrum. I am an engineer, the real kind, but work in IT (we are just good at it, suck it up and accept it!), currently working on a startup, a Non-resident alien who pays hefty taxes and very difficult to live with if I do not get a great tasting meal!

I am brutally honest about my food critiquing, so much so that a couple I met for the second time at a common relative's place, remembered my comments about their cooking from 2 years ago and did not think nice of me! Now they love me and my passion for great tasting food. I am an acquired taste just like an elegant bottle of single malt that grows on you with every sip. 

My favorite line: I eat anything that moves! 

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