Antique Bar & Bakery ,

Ambiance : 4.5/5

Food : 4.5/5

Service : 5/5

Experience : 5/5

Price : $$$

Reservation : Accept(a must)

Must haves:

(Appetizers) Fennel Salad, Pumpkin Rice Balls

(Entrees) Lasgna Edges Burnt Butter, Pasta in Spicy Tomato & Vodka

(Sides) MC5, Blackened Beets, Greek Fries, kale pickled chilis, Grilled Radicchio smoked motz garlic chips

(Desserts) Antique Bread Pudding

(Alcohol) Nocturnal Root, My Fate

Tip: Sharing is caring, order multiple dishes and share.

Nothing better could have replaced the historic Antique Bakery in Hoboken!

I am finally getting to write this blog after 3 visits and every experience has been unforgettable, partly due to friends and family, but mostly due to the coal oven cooked food.

I accidentally discovered this place in the 3rd week of February 2017 with my wife, on our way to a pizza place after an excruciatingly long day at work. I'll give her the credit for this find!

The Antique bar and bakery looked ordinary from outside, with the green sign and a small narrow door. But I was taken aback as I entered. It was a lot larger than what it actually looked from outside, the decor reminded me of the 60's, with the dim chandeliers, the black and white photographs and old books filling up the shelf next to the bar (in the pictures above). I was a little too tired and hungry for pleasantries, I just remember telling the hostess Christine, "I am hungry and I need food quickly".

Our server, Eliyse, was our superhero for the day. She patiently heard us crib about the day, gave us a brief history of the place, walked us through the menu and helped us place the order. She was mindful of our state of the stomach and brought us food as soon as it was out of the coal oven.

Time stopped after the very first bite of the citrusy, spicy fennel salad, paired with burnt orange marmalade toast. The burst of freshness, flavors and a whole lot of goodness transformed my day. I was no longer thinking about the past but was excited and looking forward to the next dish. That was the moment I heard my wife say "Oh... orgasmic, you owe me big time, this is my pick!". The two of us suddenly had a lot more energy, were chatty and simply excited.

Everything we ate was just as good or better than the first dish. I swear by this blog if my wife serves me the kale just like the "Kale, Pickled Chilis" I would eat it every day without a fuss! We kept ordering dishes after dishes, wanted to try it all even after we were stuffed and Eliyse looked perplexed. We were like two kids in a toy store.

Chef Paul Gerard asked us for some feedback and in return, we got his story, and inspiration behind the Antique bar and bakery, the 400 sqFt, 30-ton coal oven. He aptly named the cooking as "3 chord cooking", there were no more than 3 main ingredients in all of the dishes he served. Everything on the menu came straight out of the oven and had that amazing coal essence to it.

To top it all off, we managed to finish the over-sized Antique bread pudding, served with not so sweet maple syrup. It is simple to die for!

Antique bar and bakery is gluten free and vegan-friendly. On my 3rd visit there they were very accommodating and customized dishes for my gluten-free friends.

The cocktails are good but are completely overshadowed by the food.

Antique bar and bakery is Hoboken's own Michelin worthy restaurant, and I wouldn't be surprised if they get one soon!

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