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Tappo, thin crust!

Ambiance : 3.5/5

Food : 3.5/5

Service : 2.5/5

Value : 3.5/5

Price : $$

Reservation : Accept

Must haves:

Spicy marinara sauce

Located in the midtown area of Manhattan, Tappo thin crust was another one of my accidental finds.

After a good 3 hrs of walk around the city with a friend visiting from India, he wanted Pizza! And we just happen to walk right in front of Tappo, thin crust pizza.

We were promptly seated inside, on the table of our choice, they do offer outdoor seating during the warmer temperatures. Our hostess was not rude but not friendly either, it was more like she really did not care. The waiter showed up quickly got our drink orders and never came back for the next 15 minutes. We tried getting his attention, he acknowledges and then got busy chatting up some girls at the bar. We requested for a change of waiters.

We ordered two pizzas, 1 large pie 16" (1/2 spicy marinara 1/2 pesto with sundried tomatoes and garlic on the whole pizza) and 1 personal size 9" of Chipotle. About 20mins later our pizzas arrived, the 16" had the sundried tomatoes and garlic on just the pesto side of the pizza, and the 9" was missing chipotle sauce on top. It did not take long for the waiter to figure out the mistake with our order, she offered a redo, but we had no patience to wait.

True to the name, the pizzas were thin and flaky, cooked in a regular stainless steel oven. Our favorite was the plain spicy marinara sauce, and the least favorite was the pesto even though it had ample toppings of good quality sun-dried tomatoes and garlic (unexpectedly not overly pungent). The pesto was just curdled cream and lacked the flavor of basil or pine nuts (there's a possibility it might not have been pesto, again we were a little too hungry for a redo). The Chipotle pizza lacked the flavor of the chipotle sauce. The only two ingredients we could taste were the pineapple and the fresh cilantro.

The hostess was friendly to bring us complimentary dessert with our check. It could just be me, but there were 2 things that I found odd :

1. The toppings were billed for the entire pizza even though it was served on just half. 2. The dessert was added to the bill and then marked as complimentary.

In my minimal experience around the city, anything complimentary is never put on the bill.

There are better places to go to for a pizza in New York City, but in a situation like ours, where hunger triumphs all and you happen to be in front of Tappo, I'd say Why Not?!


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