Injera, An authentic Ethiopian experience

Ambiance : 4/5, Cozy

Food : 4.5/5, Grandma's recipes

Service : 5/5, Homely

Experience : 5/5, Unforgettable

Price : $$ (accept cash or American Express only)

Reservation : Accept (a must before 9:30pm, else wait).

Cater : Yes

Host a Party : Yes, maximum capacity of 35 Humans (YES, children included!)

Must haves:

(Appetizers) Azifa, Yetimatim Fitfit

(Entree Veg) Misir Wot, Kik Alicha, Shiro, Kaye Siir

(Entree Meat) Doro Wot, Doro Tibs, Yebeg Tibs, Tibs Wot

(Alcohol) Honey Wine, Ethiopian Beer

Feel like eating Ethiopian, I recommend this place in a heartbeat. Never tried Ethiopian? I still recommend this place in a heart beat!

Dimly lit with candles on each table, a beautiful chandelier, the art and decor makes for a cozy experience with friends and family. The decor is not overly done and the glass walls on one side make the space feel larger than it actually is.

Injera, unlike any other Ethiopian restaurant I have visited in NYC makes me feel welcomed at a friends home and not a restaurant! Visit there a few times and the wife-husband duo Roman & Pierre (owners) will welcome and bid you good by with a "salaam" and a "faire la bise".

The service is genuinely welcoming, friendly and warm, and not the kinds that'll creep you out.You know what I mean! Every New Yorker has experienced the creepy-friendly service, where the server smiles at you but walks away frowning. The first time I visited Injera with friends, I knocked over a wine glass(I am a big guy!) and broke it. I felt really bad and embarrassed, I was invited by an Ethiopian friend. My wife & 9 other friends were not helping much, but Pierre comforted me. And provided an amazing dining experience throughout like it never happened.

All the main ingredients are sourced from Ethiopia and the food tastes fresh. At Injera, the Injera (Ethiopian bread) is made with 100% teff flour (unadulterated with other flours) is darker in color and flavorful compared to the other Ethiopian restaurants in the city. I always request my food to be made medium spicy and also get a spice mix on the side (not for the faint hearted, my wife cannot handle the spice!). For a party of 3, I usually order two appetizers, a combo meal for 2 and a bottle of Ethiopian honey Wine. This traditional wine is on the sweeter side and goes well with the Ethiopian spices. All this for $35.00 per person.

I encourage you to make advanced reservations for groups of 4 or more. Walk-ins are entertained but there could be a long wait.

behina huni

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